Counselling can help with…

Counselling enables you to identify the way you are feeling and why, and then work through those emotions. Counselling aims to address the way you are feeling and empower you to take control over you own emotional and mental wellbeing.

Counselling can enable you to…

  • have a safe and secure space where you can discover or explore your emotions, and be able to understand and cope with these feelings. 

  • become aware of why you have certain feelings and emotions, then move forward allowing yourself to express your emotions and find ways to let them go. 

  • feel less worried, stressed and anxious. 

  • be able to help recognise the triggers for your feelings and how you deal with the feelings you have. 

  • look at coping strategies and explore new strategies that can be used to help with day to day life. 

  • encourage self-care and empower change. 

Some of the reasons why people seek counselling…

  • personal crisis 

  • suffering or have suffered domestic abuse 

  • relationship issues/ break down 

  • coping with loss, death, divorce, redundancy 

  • coming to terms with issues arising from childhood 

  • mental health, self harm, feeling low, depressed or anxious 

  • addictions, such as drug, alchohol, gambling. 

  • Sexual identity or gender issues 

  • unresolved emotional issues 

  • past or current trauma 

  • overwhelmed and unable to express how you are feeling 

  • if you are constantly worrying, have feelings of guilt, frustration or self blame 

  • past or current trauma 

  • you may just be struggling day to day for what you see as no apparent reason 

  • or you just feel alone 



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My approach is person centred working creatively to make sure that my clients are provided with a safe space where they are able to explore past and/or present issues. I support individuals to take control so that they feel empowered to make changes and discover their own solutions.